29 Wedding Video Ideas You Have to See

24. Film the beginning and end of the wedding day.

You and your partner can capture your first moments getting up and out of bed separately from each other in a vlog style. Then, once everyone has gone home and you’re on your way back to your lodging, you can take a video together reflecting on how the day started versus how it ended.

25. Infuse your culture.

For example, if you are of Russian descent, add a beautiful wedding tune with Russian lyrics to your video. Or, if you observe a particular religion, make a highlight reel that focuses on those specific traditions.

26. Do a reactions-only cut.

Your parents’ first glimpse of you in your dress or outfit. Your friends listening to the speeches. Your bridal party laughing as you get ready together. All of these small moments highlight your connection to your loved ones, and including these clips will add their experience of the day to the video in addition to your own.

27. Show one-second clips.

Capture bite-size moments like the knife cutting the cake, the kiss, and the first dance into one fun, social media-friendly micro trailer.

28. Use your wedding vows as a voiceover.

Record these separately or, if you plan to use a microphone during the ceremony, capture them in real time. Then, add your footage together, cut the original sound, layer in the music, and let your vows poetically narrate the day.

29. Do a group dance.

If your wedding party and/or guests are up for a little rehearsal, then you’ll be able to incorporate a short choreographed routine for your wedding video. Or, if you’re keen to include dancing but don’t want to ask your guests to prepare ahead of time, consider implementing dances like the “Cha Cha Slide.”

How much does a wedding video cost?

A professional photographer may charge as little as $300 for a very basic wedding video package or as much as $6,000+ for all the bells and whistles. DIY versions will vary, but your biggest expense will be what camera you shoot on (you can buy, borrow, or rent) and how long it takes for you to edit it (if you’re not tech savvy it might save you some headache to outsource this part to a professional). If you choose to borrow a camera, ask a friend to operate it, and do all of the video editing yourself, you could hypothetically DIY your entire wedding video for free.

Put these wedding video ideas to good use!

If you’re not confident in your own skills as a video director, producer, and editor, there are plenty of wedding videography packages to choose from. Before you shop around, make sure you have some wedding video ideas — like the ones above! — in mind so you can capture the essence of your wedding exactly as you want to remember it.

Up next, check out everything you need to know about wedding photo styles and how to choose.

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