3 ways to personalise your wedding ceremony

Whether you’re totally traditional or you have a taste for slightly more bohemian style, making your ceremony count is a concern for almost every couple.

Choosing wedding readings is one option, but our featured couples have shown us that the fun doesn’t stop there. These are three ways to personalise your wedding ceremony for every family and every style.




Say it with a sand ceremony

Interior designer Anouska, whose whimsical winter wonderland wedding took pride of place in issue 169, chose a sand ceremony when she and her husband tied the knot as a way to include their children too.

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“Our blended family sand ceremony involved the six of us – Greig, myself, and out four children – pouring differently coloured sands into a jar. It symbolized us all coming together as a new family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was extremely emotional, personal and heartfelt and it’s a moment people still talk about today.”




Handfasting ceremony

Kim and David also wanted a way to involve their growing family when they tied the knot (you’ll find their wedding in issue 165). “We did a handfasting with our four girls,” Kim explains. “We had made a long ribbon from 3ft sections that represent each of us. The girls then wrapped the ribbon around our hands during our ceremony, saying vows and promises to us too.”




Give your pets a role!

Alexa and Jamie, whose laid-back bohemian wedding featured in issue 169, did exactly this. “Our black labrador Roscoe was our ringbearer and was unbelievably well behaved!” smiles Alexa. “He ran down the aisle at just the right moment and he even managed not to bark at the reverand!”

If your four-legged friends are a part of the family, giving them a role in your wedding can be a great way to include them in your day. Want to know more? Here’s how to make your wedding pawfect and these are the things you need to know about having your pets at your wedding.


How will you personalise your ceremony?

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